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FINCOLD is a co-operation forum for dam owners, authorities, designers, constructors as well as people functioning in research, development and teaching.


ICOLD 2024 GA and symposium will be held in India.


ICOLD 2023 was in Gotenburg Sweden and ICOLD European Club symposium in Interlaken, Switzerland.


2nd Nordic ICOLD Seminar in Helsinki 8 November 2022


The ICOLD 2022 was held in May in Marseillee. More information: 27th ICOLD World Congress - France ( 


The 60th anniversary event of FINCOLD 30.9.2021.

World declaration on Dam Safety

was approved by ICOLD 2019. 


FINCOLD organizes and is involved in organizing various dam-related events and occasions in Finland.


FINCOLD also has a strong presence in international activities.

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