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FINCOLD (Suurpadot - Suomen osasto ry) is a forum for cooperation between dam owners, authorities, designers, builders and those working in research, development and teaching.

The association organizes an opportunity for different parties to exchange information and experiences in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of dams.

The association promotes the economically and environmentally sustainable construction, use and maintenance of dams, as well as dam safety. The aim is to focus on the introduction of the best techniques and methods for dam operation, dam safety and environmental impact.

The association supports training and internship opportunities in the field. At the same time highlighting the development of new technologies.

FINCOLD is a member of ICOLD (International Committee on Large Dams) representing Finland. Through ICOLD in particular, but also through other opportunities, its involvement in international activities and the creation of opportunities for international cooperation for members.

FINCOLD has 26 company members. Company members pay a membership fee of 200 e / year and dam owners a dam-specific fee of 200 e / year / large dam. Personnel members consist of employees of member companies as well as retired members.




Finns' activities in the international organization ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams) began in 1947. Finland was joined as the 21st member on a Swedish proposal. The 26th Annual Meeting of ICOLD was held in Helsinki in 1959. The founding meeting of Suurpadot - Suomen osasto ry (FINCOLD) was held on September 6, 1960 and the association was entered in the register of associations on September 21, 1960.



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