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FINCOLD, Suurpadot ry celebrated 60 years of important work for dams in 2020. Because of COVID situation the celebration was arranged 30.9.2021.  Read more (in Finnish)

Dam Incident Management

The Dam Incident Management working group worked in 2014-2019. The result was the FINCOLD report Dam
FINCOLD report: Dam fault management (in Finnish)

Suurpadot ry - Autumn trip 2019


The autumn trip of Suurpadot ry was organized on August 26-28, 2019. The trip covered the Kiruna mine dams in Sweden and the Startskraft water dams near Narvik, Norway..


Read more about the autumn trip (in Finnish)








International activities, ICOLD and European Club of ICOLD

The members of ICOLD's technical committees are Pentti Varpasuo in the Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams Committee, Heli Nurmi in the Mining and Waste Dams Committee, Eija Isomäki in the Dam Safety Committee and Marko Talvensaari in the Materials for Earthfill Dams Committee. 

Second Nordic Seminar was held 8 November 2020 in Helsinki.

World Declaration on Dam Safety was approved by ICOLD 2019


The ICOLD Symposium and Annual Meeting was held in 2019 in Ottawa, Canada. A blog post about this has been published at: (in Finnish)

In 2017, the Management of Dam Incidents Report of the ICOLD European Club Working Group was completed: EWG_Management_dam_incidents_20170613_Final_Report (in English)

In this working group, Finland was in charge.


In 2016, the ICOLD European Club Symposium was held in Turkey. Event entries can be found online:

The 2016 ICOLD Annual Meeting was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Finnish paper was published there.




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